Mr. Long:

Mr. Long is a graduate of Wyoming Catholic College, where his major in Liberal Arts provides a well-rounded teaching experience. He has enjoyed teaching children of all ages for five years.

We are lucky to have Mr. Long teach science because he also has a history of teaching Latin which is the base of all Romance languages and the sciences. He also literally soars with the children during dance especially after winning a competition with his swing dance group. He has a blackbelt in mixed martial arts, and is a weekend rock climber, bringing his agility and expertise to P.E.

Mrs. Bardin: Principal

I initially attended college to become a research scientist, hence my minors in science and math. However, when I had children, I  returned to school and received a bachelor’s degree in Child Development, which gave me the knowledge and tools to properly guide children and support and strengthen their natural intrinsic drive to learn. I continued my education, obtaining a teaching credential: K-8th and a credential and master in Educational Leadership. My teaching experience of twenty-five years is comprised of all ages and grades from preschool to high school. This includes a teacher-in-charge at a K-8th elementary school, a mentor preschool teacher, and a lead teacher in an afterschool program. Before entering the teaching profession, I was a bookkeeper/secretary for five years. All these experiences and training have prepared me for the beautiful job of being the principal and teacher at Almondale Academy.” – Mrs. Bardin.