What are your strongest memories of school?  Doubtless it includes both your friends and those who were not so kind.  Positive social interactions are not only essential for success in school, but set the foundations for adult relations in years to come. Our philosophy is that social development is as critical as academics. Developing intrinsic social skills is the bedrock to Almondale’s approach to behavior management.


Almondale Academy utilizes what we call the “Socratic Approach” to discipline.  Guidance towards appropriate behavior is achieved through student reflection and resolution.  This is accomplished through gently questioning and guiding the student to discover the cause for an action or reaction and recognizing a more positive approach for future situations. 


Mediation is an integral part of handling any issues that arise.  The parties involved come together with a teacher to discuss the conflict. All sides are listened to, while the teacher questions and guides students to a resolution.  Students soon learn more preferred choices in communication with others.


We promote better communication skills through class meetings. Every week when not on a field trip, students meet to learn about socio-emotional issues, mind-body connections, and communication skills. Information is relayed, discussed and often role-played.  Additionally, school wide issues are discussed, with solutions agreed and decided upon, generally through voting.  Students always feel they are heard, contribute, and make a difference at Almondale Academy.