Our curriculum produces independent, critical thinkers who are imbued with the virtues and social graces espoused by the classical development of humans, preparing them to be successful in any endeavor while making a positive impact on our society.

To insure their educational success, upon enrollment, each student is given a diagnostic test before being placed in the appropriate level & individualized program. This includes Transitional Kindergarten (ages 4 years, 9 months and older). Utilizing an interdisciplinary, project-based approach, we offer the following academic program:

Primary Grades (TK – 3rd Grade) 

Language Arts & Arts:  Teacher-guided, child-centered process of learning the rudimentary skills (phonics, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary) required to read and write. We integrate classical literature with project-based activities in learning centers including the arts, music and movement. This year the curriculum will be based on the Caldecott books for grades TK-2nd. The third grade class reads the classics at differentiated reading levels.

Math: Students work at their developmental level through learning centers and the use of manipulatives to acquire and exceed the basic math skills.

Science: Students at this level include hands-on observation and simple experimentation.Daily the children are often outward bound exploring nature on the school grounds or having other exploration activities.

Middle and Secondary Grades (4th – 8th Grade) 

Language Arts & Social Sciences: We continue to hone the skill sets of vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension and grammar while supporting the development of the higher order cognitive skills including: understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and creating. Our literature, with an emphasis in the classics, is integrated with the sciences in order to gain more well-rounded knowledge and depth of understanding on the culture of the times and the wonderment of life and our world.  

Math: is adapted to the learning style and interest of the students, which includes project-based group work along with critical development of mathematical skills while assuring State Standards are exceeded or met.

Science: The science concepts are probed, skills acquired, and honed using materials that stimulate interest and inspire perseverance. Projects are student-created and directed (while being facilitated by the teacher) to best apply the acquired skills to real-world situations and challenges. This culminates with the Science Fair in the Spring. 

      • this year the focus will be Environmental Science.

High SchoolPlease See Here

Electives: The following elective courses are offered: Foreign Language, The Arts & Service Learning & Interest Skills.

Foreign Language – Latin: Is taught using a pedagogical approach with immersion and creative projects. A few reasons we teach Latin are:

        • vocabulary development is Latin based. 
        • 80% of dictionary entries are related to Latin.
        • it is foundational in many languages.

The Arts: The following art elective courses are offered: art appreciation, music, drama, dance, drawing, painting and individual investigations & development.

        • inspire self reflection
        • promote communication
        • connect with their inner creativity
        • and, so, so, much more.

Service Learning: See Here

Interest Skills: Students with specialized interests – are developed and encouraged by our teachers.

Homework: is viewed & utilized as a motivation for learning. 

For more about our curriculum, student interests & other subjects please call: 916-988-8611.