Almondale Academy believes in nurturing each child’s self-esteem by supporting the student’s innate learning abilities in an affirming and stimulating instructional climate.  

Our Methods are inspired by the famous Reggio Emilia Philosophy and also the Finland Model where teachers facilitate students’ education and actively direct their learning. Our small class sizes enable students to excel academically in a teacher-guided and student-directed program that meets the individualized needs of all students. With this method, we recognize that children are natural learners who best thrive with self-directed inquiries, and learn from natural consequences, mistakes, and successes (reinforced by the Positive Discipline Model). 

With this foundation our teachers are dedicated to the following Methods & Goals:

    • Engage students in academics:
      • Writing skills, research proficiency, and self-expressive creativity. 
      • Reading, discussing, and reflecting upon classical, integrated literature ensures intellectual, moral, and social development. 
          • Phonics and fluency are an integral part of reading.
    • Prepare each student to become dedicated learners and independent thinkers, and effective communicators.
      • Leadership attributes are developed through experiences requiring initiative, decision-making, and accountability.
      • Social skills and communication are taught and reinforced through mediation and class meetings.
    • Present core subjects (LA, math, science, social science) in a manner to elicit student interest and participation. 
      • In all coursework, students are guided and encouraged in:
        • Questioning, investigating, experimenting, creativity, analysis, and problem-solving.
        • Developing the higher order thinking skills as described in Bloom’s Taxonomy:  knowledge, memory, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.
    • Acknowledging education can be fun by never losing sight of the joy of childhood.
    • Allowing each child exciting forms of self-expression through instruction in art, music, and drama.

Within these Goals and Methods:

  • Our Curriculum meets or exceeds California academic standards & requirements.
    • Emphasizing Experiential Learning: Project-Oriented, Expeditionary, & Service Learning.
      • Project-Oriented Learning: hands-on projects within the curriculum, invite an enthusiasm for learning while strengthening academic skills.
      • Expeditionary Learning:  educational field trips that utilize knowledge and skills in the real world.
      • Service Learning: community service with student & schoolwide class meetings promoting character and virtue development.
    • Integrated Curriculum: subjects can blend into other subjects

Established over 35 years ago, Almondale continues many beautiful traditions, specifically: 

      • Family Events: We acknowledge that education works best in collaboration with the home. Families are invited to join us for Thanksgiving Dinner, Christmas Potluck & Play, Mother’s Tea, Fathers Tee, and more, including our many field trips!

For more on our curriculum click here and why our methods work can be found here. Call today to speak to one of our Educational Specialists: 916-988-8611.