Our mission and philosophy are to provide a caring, yet dynamic environment where educators engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection. We draw on the best practices of leading research to help expand knowledge, develop the essential skills to navigate an ever-changing world, and contribute in a meaningful way to one’s environment.

All children have the right to an excellent education in a safe, comfortable, non-judgmental atmosphere.

We believe in teaching the whole student, intellectually, physically, socially, and emotionally.

Our success by and large, is based on the close relationships we develop with our students and parents. All parties are responsible for each student’s education.  We support one another with teamwork and cooperation.

Our educational vision and mission is the belief that children are natural learners.  With support and guidance, our students mature into academically-enriched, community-minded, and sociably responsive young people who retain that youthful exuberance of life that will carry them well beyond their time at Almondale Academy.

A wonderful bridge between home and school:  the relaxed nurturing of home in conjunction with the structure and methodology of a school, where “Kids can be kids”… call today to find out more at 916-988-8611.