Mrs. Bardin: Principal

She is the children’s go-to teacher for help with any of their needs, from the phonetic alphabet to the best way to get along with their peers at school. Mrs. Bardin is the advisor for all.

I have very much enjoyed and have decidedly grown these last ten years as principal of Almondale Academy.  My previous twenty years experience as a teacher, mentor teacher, teacher-in-charge as well as an after-school teacher and bookkeeper prepared me well for all aspects of a principal.  

I have learned that creativity and teamwork abundantly transpires through collaboration, both with the teachers and staff, as well as the students and parents. People not only desire, but need to contribute, to be a part of the whole.  That is exactly what I love about Almondale: we are like family here, where everyone is an important contributor.

I am most proud of the evolution of our guidance in social development through mediation, direction in self-reflection for behavior adjustments, and class meetings. All staff members, as well as the students become capable mediators and communicators.  Harmony and cooperation are cornerstones to the peacefulness and tranquility at Almondale Academy. 


Jensen Ash: Office Administrator

They are our go-to person for anything that needs to be done on campus. Do not be afraid to ask for a band-aid, art supplies, or even a snack! They know where to go. 

Before the pandemic, I was going to college to get my degree in Business and Hospitality Management. My plans ended up being shifted because those courses were no longer being taught, and I finished my Associate Degree in Social Sciences at American River College. The shift in my education and career path landed me here at Almondale Academy, and I couldn’t have asked for a better place to be. I love working here. Being with the students makes me smile every day without fail.