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Social Development

At Almondale Academy, we honor parents as a child’s first and most influential social developers. Therefore, we work with the parents in each child’s social development.    Cultivating strong social skills is fundamental to our approach to classroom and behavior management.​

Our method of behavior management and social development is through the “Socratic” approach, where guidance towards appropriate behavior is fostered through self-reflection and resolution. This method involves gentle questioning to help students understand the reasons behind their actions and to identify more positive alternatives for the future.

Mediation plays a key role in resolving conflicts. When issues arise, the involved parties engage in a mediated discussion with a teacher, ensuring each person is heard. The teacher facilitates the conversation, steering students toward mutual understanding and resolution. This process teaches students the value of constructive communication and problem-solving.

To enhance communication skills, we hold regular class meetings that cover socio-emotional topics, the mind-body connection, and effective communication strategies. These sessions include discussions, role-playing, and sometimes, the addressing of school-wide issues through collective decision-making. This ensures every student at Almondale Academy feels valued, heard, and empowered to make a positive impact.

Leadership is also fostered throughout the day. Each day a student leads the school in the Pledge of Allegiance and exercise.  In group activities, students are invited to take on leadership roles in experiments, projects, discussions, and leading P.E. exercises. Opinions are listened to and voted upon. Students develop public speaking skills through presentations and read-alouds.  In the primary grades, students take turns in leadership roles such as line leader, calendar, and activities.

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