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Our curriculum produces independent, critical thinkers who are imbued with the virtues and social graces espoused by the classical development of humans, preparing them to be successful in any endeavor while making a positive impact on our society.

To ensure their educational success, upon enrollment, each student is given a diagnostic test before being placed in the appropriate level & individualized program. This includes Transitional Kindergarten (ages 4 years, 9 months, and older). Utilizing an interdisciplinary, project-oriented approach, we offer the following academic program:

Primary Grades (TK – 3rd Grade) 

Language Arts & Arts:  Our curriculum is a teacher-guided, child-centered process of learning the rudimentary skills (phonics, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary) required to read and write. We integrate classical literature with project-oriented activities in learning centers, including the arts, music, and movement. The literature includes fables, fairytales, folklore, and the Caldecott books and classics such as Beverly Cleary, Roald Dahl, E.B. White, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Barbara Parks, Judy Blume, and the Magic Tree House books.  The more advanced books are read aloud.

Math: Students work at their developmental level through the use of manipulatives, direct instruction and individualized paper practice, songs, and games to acquire and exceed the basic math skills. We assess what methods work best for each child.

Social Science: Students engage in activities connected with the literature as well as family and community-oriented informational reading and activities.

Science: Students at this level question and explore utilizing observations,  hands-on activities, and experiments. Daily the children are often outward bound exploring nature on the school grounds, which includes a yard of chickens, ducks, and geese and expeditionary field trips.

Elementary and Middle Grades (4th – 8th Grade)

Language Arts & Social Sciences: We continue to hone the skill sets of vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension, and grammar while supporting the development of higher-order cognitive skills, including comprehension, application, analyzation, evaluation, synthesizing, and creating. Our literature, with an emphasis on the classics, is integrated with social science in order to gain more well-rounded knowledge and depth of understanding of the culture of the times and the wonderment of life and our world. This year, the focus will be U.S. and California History.  Some of the classic writers and literature include American short stories, tall tales, Mark Twain, Louis May Alcott, E.B. White, Laura Ingalls Wilder, Edgar Allen Poe, O. Henry, Jack London, and Gary Paulsen, to name a few.

Math: is adapted to the learning style and interest of the students, which includes project-oriented group work along with critical development of mathematical skills while assuring State Standards are exceeded or met. We do not use Common Core methods.

Science: Experiments, research projects, activities, and expeditions are a crucial part of science exploration.

  • This year the focus will be the physical sciences: physics, chemistry, and earth science.  Our garden will continue to expand.
  • Homework: is viewed and utilized as a motivation for learning. 

For more about our curriculum, student interests & other subjects, please call 916-988-8611.

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