Let me start by describing Almondale Academy.  The school is situated on a large, beautiful property with peacocks and other animals, lots of fruit trees, and so much more.  The classrooms are quaint and full of life.  The school teaches and follows by The Virtues (which is almost impossible to find in schools nowadays).  The teachers and staff are wonderful, patient and work with parents.

Our children attended Almondale’s Summer Camp and had such a great time learning, exploring and just being kids in a very safe environment.  We had noticed how happy and enthusiastic our kids were to go to camp everyday so we decided to enroll them in school at Almondale.  They continue to be excited about going to school everyday where they get individualized attention and learn at their own pace, which in turn has helped them improve their grades and continue to help boost their confidence.  At Almondale, children are allowed to be children, learn in a safe, loving environment, and are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination.

We would definitely recommend Almondale Academy to anyone who wants their children to learn in an environment which allows children to build a strong foundation so that they can thrive and grow.