Catch up below on what 4th-12th Graders are doing during the First Semester of the School Year

Language Arts

Writing  is the focus in our language  arts.  Our weekly outdoor writing consists of being outside and admiring the wonder of nature in our beautiful ranch style  campus.  Students describe what they’re viewing.  One example was a student who began with detailing a blade of grass, then noticed a rainbow in a drop of dew and ended with the revelation of a world within a world.   Students also choose the subject they will write about (with approval from the teacher) which accounts for a wide variety, such as the   history of basball, the causes and reasons for World War II, and even the mythological creature known as the Wendigo.   Creative writing is likewise adentured upon like the chilling stories of Halloween.

Our focus on grammar basics is accomplished through the lens of editing.  Our text, “the “Nose Tree” fives the students a text from a story form which they label parts of speech and correct punctuation.

Social Science

We examine U.S. history in order to understand where we as Americans came from and the  interactions   of the United States and Europe and its impact . Some of the enjoyable approaches of the study of history entailed the  early explorers,  and imagining their experiences, the French and Indian War,  and what would have happened if the French had won, the excitement and incredibility of the Revolutionary War, the building of a government from the ground up with its myriad  of difficulties coming up with those checks and balance of the first true democracy and no monarchy.  Exploring with Lewis and Clark after the Louisianna Purchase has been great fun and our now embarking on the War of 1812.   The text book was utilized as a broad outlook in addition to films, videos, note taking, discussions, geography games, drawing maps,  creating a cardboard model of a 1700’s musket  and pistol,   detailed construction of models of the famous buildings  in Washington D.C.


Math is individualized, however,  the students particularly enjoy the competitiveness of the minute math fact drills at the beginning of class along with playing the math games and logic puzzles on Friday. We also use manipulatives to better explain the  math concepts.


Our focus this year is predominantly life science.  Some of our projects have included examining a raw egg comparing it to a cell, making and labeling a cell using candy, choosing an animal to research, which included its classification lovels, a write up and presentation as well as building its habitat, with the last unit  being the human body, utilizing many different ways of learning the systems of the body.    Now we are delving into inheritance and DNA in which models will be constructed.


Students obtained a general understanding of what Latin is and where it came from. Once they understood this, they were ready to learn general greetings and commands in Latin. Students were then ready to read their Latin book,  Lingua Latina where we covered the map of the Roman Empire and the typical Roman family all conducted in Latin. The students then read and perform the different family situations presented in the book.


Last semester we focused on the importance of exercise and fitness training, as well as looking at health and the beneficial effects of exercise upon the body and mind. We also engaged in fun games that challenged the students’ physical fitness.

This semester the students voted, and so our P.E. focus on stage battle and choreography paired with martial arts two days a week.  Three days a week we will concetrate on the students coming to know their bodies and coordination through body weight exercises.