Self-Discipline:  We begin each year with a virtue that focuses on organization, decorum and respect.

Generosity:  The heart quality is now addressed, spotlighting generosity of spirit such as kindness, appreciation, and thankfulness.

Empathy:  The holiday season is a wonderful time to inspire an even deeper care and compassion for others.

Creativity:  What better way to launch the new year than by enhancing the creative and investigative faculties of each individual.  This culminates with our science fair in February. 

Humility:  Accomplishments are significant when contributing to society.  Therefore learning from others is a crucial part of this process.

Integrity:  We end the year with a virtue that addresses the totality of virtue in the formation of principled person.

We encourage students to live out many other virtues during the school year. However, these are the specific six virtues that we incorporate into our curriculum and service learning projects, as well as the communication skills that are taught and practiced which optimizes harmonious relationships.

Character building and contributing to the community is an essential aspect of student development.   Accordingly, we emphasize the virtues everyday in our curriculum and interrelationships.  Class meetings are held each week, applying the Positive Discipline model.  Service Learning is fundamental to Almondale Academy’s curriculum.  Below are some of the many community service activities the students engage in.

Acts of Service for the virtue of Selflessness

1. Students visit Almond Ave. Residence Home to  entertain, converse with and play games with the residents.

2. Students assist in the beautification of Almond Park.

3. Students send Valentines to hospitalized children.

4. Students collect items for Christmas stockings for children in need.

5. Students  participate in a Ronald McDonald House Charity by collecting soda tops, which helps house parents whose children have been hospitalized.

6.  Students write letters to stroke patients.

7. Students take responsibility for the campus in caring for the animals, and maintenance tasks.

8.  Projects are developed and implemented during each six-week virtue session.

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