This year our six virtues are
Compassion, Cooperation, Gratitude, Wonder, Perseverance, Authenticity.

We encourage students to live out many virtues during the school year these are the specific six that we incorporate into our curriculum and into our service learning projects.

Below are a list of how we used only some of last years virtues:

Acts of Service for the virtue of Selflessness

Each year students participate in acts of service to the community here are a few that we have done in the past or continue to do.

1. Students send valentines to hospitalized children.

2. Students  participate in a Ronald McDonald House Charity by collecting soda tops. This will help house parents whose children have been hospitalized.

3. Students visit Almond Ave. Residence Home to entertain with a few classical songs.

4.  Projects are developed and implemented during each six-week virtue session.