Each student is assessed in the Language Arts and Mathematics before assigned an individualized program.  This includes Transitional Kindergarten (ages 4 years, 9 months and older). Utilizing an interdisciplinary, project-based approach, we offer the following academic program:

Language Arts and Social Sciences

Primary Grades (TK – 3rd Grade)  Teacher-guided, child-centered process of learning the rudimentary skills (phonics, reading comprehension, spelling, grammar, and vocabulary) required to read and write. We integrate classical literature with project-based activities in learning centers including the arts, music and movement.  This year the curriculum will be based on the Caldecott books for grades TK-2nd.  The third grade class reads the classics at differentiated reading levels.

Middle and Secondary Grades (4th – 8th Grade) – We continue to hone the skill sets of vocabulary, spelling, reading comprehension and grammar while supporting the development of the higher order cognitive skills including: understanding, applying, analyzing, evaluating, synthesizing, and creating.


This year American history is brought to life through collaborative narratives and experiential activities, such as dramatizations, games, and projects.

Math and Science

Primary Grades (TK – 3rd Grade) Students work at their developmental level through learning centers and the use of manipulatives to acquire the required basic math skills. Science at this level includes hands-on observation and simple experimentation in the course of daily
outdoor activities.  The children are often outward bound exploring nature on the school grounds.

Middle and Secondary Grades (4th – 8th Grade)– Incoming students are assessed in their math skills and placed in the appropriate level. The math curriculum is adapted to the learning style and interest of the student, which includes project based group work along with critical development of mathematical skills. The science curriculum is project-based and developed in conjunction with the interests and abilities of the students.  This year the focus will be environmental science.

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