Our 2020 Summer Camp is filled with adventure, water, baking, fort building and much more! Spaces limited! See below for the full camps & hours.

Our Summer Camps allow for drop ins, weekly  signs up or even the whole 8 weeks of summer!  We  also are one of the  only places that has before and after care for our students. Extended Care is 7am-6pm every week day (Except July  3rd). Children can stay to have their lunches and play or come early as part of the package.

Discounts for more then one family member, returning  students& early bird (May 30th) See brochure for terms & conditions.

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New Student Summer Camp Rates

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Morning & Afternoon Camps Available! 

Morning Camps 9-12pm:

June 15-19th

Adventure Week (Ages 8+)

Discover what fun activities California has to offer! We will be heading out on local hiking trails, clamber around a rock climbing gym, and visiting other fun places the surrounding area has to offer.

Messy  Art

Start the summer right! Splurge with paint – in all manner and means! Shoot, splatter, drop, and delve into messy paint in all different ways and with all different types of  materials.

June 22nd-26th

Competitive Video Gaming 

Have fun with a friendly competition as you play the same video games together.


Children love to play act and best of all, your own choice from acting in skits or through puppets! Come join us!

June 29-July 2nd (No camp July 3rd)

Story Telling

Ignite your inner story teller by joining us in our creative writing camp where we’ll create, write, and share our own stories, plays, or comics to each other.

Independence Week

Have fun making all kinds of crafts to celebrate our country’s independence.

July 6-10th

Parks and Play

There are all kinds of parks and different activities to explore and do, including getting wet!

Messy Science

Experiment with fun.  Always so popular! Kids come up with the craziest concoctions!

July 13th-17th

Water Wildness 

These are an all day adventure trips to the lake and other water arenas, including local pool and swimming games.

Video Gaming 

This is so popular that we will offer this for those who don’t want to go swimming.  Have fun playing some great video games.

July 20th –July 24th

Baking Fun

Bake with a chef!  Mr. Long baked many desserts and savory dishes for a chic restaurant.  Come learn restaurant techniques in baking,

Cartoon Drawing 

Few things are as satisfying as drawing your own characters, either doodling or in stories.  Connect with those inner characters inside, creating your own cartoon style.

July 27-31st

Fairy Tales 

What is childhood without the reading and enjoying of fairy tales? We bring a  whole new adventure to fairy tales where we will relive them in our own skits and plays, putting our own twists on them, and acting them out.

Stylized Painting

Water color is almost limitless in the effects one can create, from Impressionism to realistic painting.  Learn to create beautiful pictures in watercolor.

August 3rd 7th

Cardboard Building

Build indoor and outdoor buildings and forts of all kinds in great niches around our beautiful campus.

Competitive Video Gaming 

This is so popular, that we offer it as a great way to end the summer!  Have fun with a friendly competition as you play the same video games.

Afternoon Camps: 1-4pm

June 15-19th

Fantastic Forts

Join in one of Almondale’s favorite camps.  Kids love making forts, both indoors, or outdoors utilizing our bamboo forest.  They create their own rules and games around the forts.

June 22nd-26th

Creative Cooking 

What kid doesn’t love tasty food.  Children will vote on the foods they want to learn to cook from a teacher that is nutritious oriented and has been cooking from scratch for forty years.

June 29-July 2nd (No camp July 3rd)

Water Wildness

Explore the many different fun and games kids can do with water! In this exciting camp, we will play many different water games: water balloon tosses, water gun wars, slip and slides and more. We will also be visiting local pools as well as Folsom Lake, so bring your swimsuits and be prepared to Get Wet!

July 6-10th

Backyard Fun

Almondale’s ranch style is like several backyards put together. Have fun with backyard games, climbing, equipment play and more!

July 13th-17th

Water Wildness

This is part of all day adventure trips to the lake and other water areas, including local pool and swimming games.

July 20th-24th

Scavenger Mania

Kids love mysteries, secret codes, hiding, and finding things.  The children will have a blast in our huge backyard style play .area, full of adventure!

July 27th-31st

Game Time

The kids will play their favorite games as well as learn new ones that they will continue to treasure.

Aug 3rd –Aug 7th


Clay is great in creating all kinds of figures, be it action or fantasy through molding and sculpting.  Create your own characters in this fantasy fun.