We are the 2nd best Private High School in the Sacramento Area.

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Individual recognition and idealism to affect change peaks during adolescence.  Research also indicates that the level of success in high school directly correlates with the degree students feel connected to their school.  At Almondale Academy, each student is viewed as unique in their aspirations and skills, and are fostered in their endeavors. The experiential curriculum at Almondale Academy invigorates students’ interests and sharpens their skills, which is crucial at this stage in human development. Their altruistic need to impact others is accomplished through Service learning, an integral part of Almondale Academy.  Community service instills personal skills and virtues, as well as being an important aspect of a student’s portfolio that colleges consider when reviewing candidates for admission. (See High School Academics for more information.)

Students are tested, interviewed, and counseled in their individualized high school academic program. Their career path is developed through academics and internships in their field of interest. College courses may be taken in their junior and senior years, fulfilling both high school and college graduation requirements.

Almondale Academy offers the core classes as well as electives that prepares them for the demands of life, and fulfills the requirements for all three college institutions: Community College, CSU, and UC. The following table gives an approximation of the courses the students will be taking each year. The chemistry and physics courses are dependent upon the level of mathematics completed.

Graduation Requirements with A-G

High School Course Description