We are the 2nd best Private High School in the Sacramento Area.


At Almondale Academy, each student is viewed as unique; in their aspirations and skills, and are fostered in their endeavors.

Research indicates that the level of success in high school directly correlates with the degree students feel connected to their school. 

Upon enrollment each student is tested, interviewed, and counseled for their individualized high school academic program. We understand that every student is unique and can meet standards in a different way then their peers. Our experiential curriculum invigorates students’ interests and sharpens their skills, which is crucial at this stage in human development.

A student contribution education. What does that mean? It means that we have a balance of teacher & student direction. While our teachers guide students through a curriculum of California Standards it is our students who are comfortable with speaking their interest by choices, voting and by-in. For example: students in High School need to learn how to write an essay, they are taught by the teacher how to outline and format an essay the correct way  however, they have the option to chose what subject they want to write on. 

Student teaching is another way we help students feel comfortable with a subject. We currently have a student who would like to be a marine biologist. What better way for him to explore & learn about his subject then by teaching it to other students?

These are just a few of the many opportunities for students to feel comfortable in each subject. By allowing students to feel comfortable with their education and also connected to their school.

In a time where high school and college preparation are so very stressful,

“We offer an education without the stress – unlike other high schools” says principal Nola Bardin, “Many parents and students compliment us on our methods of learning without anxiety. Current high school students made the switch to Almondale for just this reason.”

An Almondale’s student’s career path is developed through academics and internships in their field of interest. College courses also may be taken in their junior and senior years, fulfilling both high school and college graduation requirements. We work with both American River College & Sierra College Education Enrichment programs to ease into college life. 

Almondale Academy offers the core classes as well as electives that prepares them for the demands of life, and fulfills the requirements for all three college institutions: Community College, CSU, and UC. The following table gives an approximation of the courses the students will be taking each year. The chemistry and physics courses are dependent upon the level of mathematics completed.

Graduation Requirements with A-G

High School Course Description