Almondale Academy is committed to nurturing the whole student:  the intellectual, social, moral and physical aspects that help to ensure a child’s full development. Our experiential, project-based academics are tied to inculcating the habitude of service to others.


We draw direct inspiration from classical literature that is imbued with the virtues that promote altruism.  In all coursework, students are guided and encouraged in developing the higher order thinking skills as described in Bloom’s Taxonomy:  knowledge and memory, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.

We also teach the importance of the social graces: the communication skills and regard for others that will prepare them for success in a world that is increasingly more integrated and fast-paced.

Our educational philosophy, including homework is analogous to the Finland model of education, which has the highest test scores in the world.  A well rested child is a more focused student in class, hence increasing learning.  Less homework also allows for more family interaction, a highly needed aspect in today’s accelerated pace.  Therefore homework is kept at a reasonable, age appropriate level , increasing in the middle school  and on.   Research does support the benefits of homework in high school, particularly as a college prep.  Edutopia, a project based resource site, summarizes the research on homework at this link:  Edutopia- Homework Data

Our school meets or exceeds the state of California standards and guidelines established for all students from Transitional Kindergarten through 12th grade.  We are not bound by these standards, but use them as a guideline in skills development.