Children love to learn; that is their essence.  Therefore, school should be engaging, supportive, and fun.

The primary reading program consists of learning phonics sounds and rules through songs, working in workbooks, playing games, and reading.

The students have been enjoying reading the Caldecott Books during the second semester:   “The Glorious Flight” (Amelia Earhart) (wrote poetry, made paper airplanes),  “The Little Fir Tree” (made trees), “The Snowy Day” (drew shadows),  “The Valentine Cat” (made Valentines), “St. George and the Dragon” (create Medieval stories).

Our literary focus for the 1st semester was through Aesop’s Fables-

We would read the story several times, discussed the story, characters and moral. We also learned how to write a story from developing the character, such as writing their thoughts in

“The Boy Who Cried Wolf” and “The Milkmaid”






To different ways of retelling of the story as in

“The Lion and the Mouse”, “The Millar, His Son, and Their Donkey”,






“The Fox and the Goat”, and “The Fox and the Stork”.







Finally, we wrote our own fable with the last story,

“The Mouse, the Rooster, and the Cat”.

We also wrote a couple of class plays:

A humorous story with Frog and Toad

And a more serious story of a rendition of “Little Red Riding Hood” using shadow puppets (We were studying light and shadows at the time.)





We will continue our story telling with the telling of a story on a picture book, making our own story books.