Martial Arts & Fight Choreography (ages 8+):   July 30th-Aug. 3rd, 9-12pm

Martial Arts, like dancing, is an excellent way to grow your body in strength and dexterity. It challenges both your body and mind with its focus on precision and patterns for the most effective way of defending oneself. Not all martial arts are about self defense however. A wide form of martial arts that is now used is known as Movie Martial Arts. This is a form of martial arts used for performance and show that allows the artist to demonstrate their skills without needing to be in an actual fight. In this class we will be going over a bit of both kinds of martial arts. This will give them the basic knowledge self defense along with the ability to use what they have learned in a constructive way through creating their own fight scene and share it in a performance.


Outdoor Hiking/Swimming(ages 8+): 9-4pm , No School July 4th. 

Mother Nature is one of life’s first and best teachers. The ability to go and appreciate the natural beauty of the outdoors instills a sense of awe and wonder. It gives us a reason to think about why nature should be preserved and how it is important to who we are as human beings. In this course your child will learn basic outdoor skills and safety along with the knowledge of what “Leave No Trace” (LNT) means and how it helps us to be more responsible for ourselves.


Story Telling & Drama (ages 8+): June 25-29th, 9-12pm.

The act of storytelling is one of the great human gifts that gives our lives more meaning. When we take a story and transform it into a dramatic play, no matter how old that story is, it becomes revitalized and relevant. There is a special kind of magic in live theater. Every word, gesture, and movement counts. The story come alive for actors and audience alike.

In this one-week course (9am-12pm) your child will learn to go deeper into the power of storytelling and how to more effectively act that story out on stage. We will work with some variations on well-known stories, learn to re-write them in our own words, and then, using some fun acting techniques help infuse these stories with new life as we present them onstage. We will also work with writing some original stories and turning them into skits. On the final day of camp (Friday) we will have a series of short plays to present to the families.


 Swimming/Water Play (5+): July 9-13th, 1-4pm

Children will enjoy our many field trips to the pool, Negro Bar, and Folsom Lake. They will also enjoy one afternoon of old-fashioned water play: water balloons, water guns, sprinklers, and slip and slide.

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