EXTENDED CARE:   7am—9am & 4pm—6pm

Summer Camp:   9am—4pm  (Break at 12pm-1pm)

Morning Camp & Afternoon Camps: 9am-12pm & 1pm—4pm 

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Summer 2018

For information about Summer Program  please stop by or call the Office:



Mrs. Bardin has been teaching for over 20 years   in grades K-12th.   She   has  also taught for  five years  in a high-end tutoring center,  testing, developing and teaching remedial programs  in language arts and math.



20170428-DSC_0903Mr. Long is an award winning professional dancer, has his black belt and has been an  outstanding language arts teacher and will reprising his role as stop motion teacher. He will be leading many camps including but not limited to: Dance, Creative writing,    Stop Motion Videos and Martial Arts.




He teaches music and theater at Almondale Academy and has recently written both an original play and a musical for his students. Mr. Hammond has been a professional writer, performer, producer and teacher of music for over 20 years​. He teaches piano, guitar, bass guitar, drums, and singing.  He has his degree in Environmental Science and History and has been leading nature walks and camping trips for most of his adult life (that’s a long, long time, folks). You can find him and his family most weekends outdoors somewhere in the area getting muddy and loving   every moment of it.


Chris Logan is nineteen years old and has been playing video games since I was six years old (my first being Mario  Bros. on the NES). He love to watch movies, play games with friends and just have fun. He has been a teachers assistant at Almondale all year. He will be leading the Video Gaming Camp.