Almondale Academy is a virtue based school with community service being a integral part of the curriculum.  The students, grades 3rd-12th split their Thursday afternoons between Almond Park and Almond Ave. Residence Home. We are excited to be a part of the Orangevale Park’s task force in beautification of Almond Park.  The students have been painting a new fence and planting trees!  The superintendent was very grateful, stating that the painting of the fence would have been postponed if our school had not helped. The residents in the Residence home have enjoyed the company of the students in playing games, singing, listening to piano music, and having conversations. These activities enable the students to grow in virtue, becoming aware of the needs of others, and feeling a part of our community, here in Orangevale. If you are looking for a new school for your student to thrive at, consider Almondale on the corner of Almond Ave. and Greenback Ln.