There are quite a few art camps available this summer from Lego stop motion to charcoal drawing to music and messy art there is something that will interest every student. See dates and details below.

Lego Stop Motion (ages 8+): July 9th-13th, 9-12pm

Stop- motion photography was one of the oldest forms of movie-making. Even today it is still used when making early morning cartoons or even for advertisements. It is a skill that requires a tremendous amount of patience and precision. In this class, students will learn the intricacies of combining photos to make short films using Lego mini figures. They will learn to work around the challenges of creating their own movie sets, cutting excess backgrounds, and positioning the camera.


Sculpture/Carving (ages 8+):  June 18th-22nd, 9-12pm.

The origin of sculpture goes way back to ancient times! This summer at Almondale, students will receive the opportunity to scratch the surface of understanding the history behind this artistic medium, learn the basic materials, procedures, techniques, and skills used in the creation of sculpture. Students will produce several works of their choice and have a chance to display their new-found knowledge and creativity.

Pen & Ink Drawing (ages 8+): July 9th-13th, 9-12pm

Pen and ink is a classical medium of art that has existed for centuries. This summer at Almondale, students will receive the opportunity to learn the history behind this artistic medium, learn essential techniques for capturing the values, textures, and contours that one sees in the world around oneself, and infuse this newfound knowledge into creating an artwork of their choice that will exhibit the student’s creativity within their new pen and ink skills.

Multi-Cultural Activities (ages 5-8): July 16th-20th, 9-12pm.

Come and join us as we learn about the different peoples and cultures of Africa, Asia, Europe, Middle East, and South America through their stories, music, art, games, and food.

Story Telling & Drama (ages 8+): June 25-29th, 9-12pm.

The act of storytelling is one of the great human gifts that gives our lives more meaning. When we take a story and transform it into a dramatic play, no matter how old that story is, it becomes revitalized and relevant. There is a special kind of magic in live theater. Every word, gesture, and movement counts. The story come alive for actors and audience alike.

In this one-week course (9am-12pm) your child will learn to go deeper into the power of storytelling and how to more effectively act that story out on stage. We will work with some variations on well-known stories, learn to re-write them in our own words, and then, using some fun acting techniques help infuse these stories with new life as we present them onstage. We will also work with writing some original stories and turning them into skits. On the final day of camp (Friday) we will have a series of short plays to present to the families.


Puppetry    (ages 5+): July 16-20th, 1-4pm.

Puppets come in all shapes, forms, and sizes using many different kinds of materials: socks, bags, sticks, fingers, and string (for marionettes).  They are a great way for kids to make up stories.

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