Almondale Academy, situated on 5 acres of serene countryside in Orangevale, CA is a unique and innovative school that combines the structure and expertise of academia with the openness and ease of the student directiveness of homeschool. Our mission & philosophy is to provide a caring, yet dynamic environment where educators engage with learners in direct experience and focused reflection. We draw on the best practices of leading research to help expand knowledge, develop the essential skills to navigate an ever-changing world, and contribute in a meaningful way to one’s environment.

Children should be fostered, nurtured and not put into a cookie cutter system

Almondale has aspects of the traditional education augmented with a combined teacher-child directed approach.  These include: the traditional CA standards, project-based education, outdoor and environmental learning, regular off-campus expeditions, and service learning in multi-age classrooms. Faculty and students work in active collaboration to nurture and hone the intellectual, physical, social, and moral capacities. 

A wonderful bridge between home and school:  the relaxed nurturing of home in conjunction with the structure and methodology of a school.

Positive Discipline is utilized in assisting students to work and play harmoniously together.  This fosters an environment where kids can be kids.

Virtues, ethics, and genuine respect for each individual are the corner stones at Almondale.  

There are six specific virtues that we incorporate into our curriculum and service learning projects, as well as the communication skills that are taught and practiced which optimize harmonious relationships: Kindness, GratitudeSincerety, Diligence, Poise, and Wonder. To learn more about our approach, please click here.

A unique  combination of the educational ease of yesteryear with the modern and technologicalcome for a visit and see our beautiful school for yourself!

Free Visit Day: We invite you to come experience Almondale for yourself. We invite parents and students to drop by for a daily tours and then prospective students are welcome to attend a day of classes. We find this helps students get a true feel for our campus environment. Please call our office at 916-988-8611 to make arrangements for a visit.